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Care of Older People

Use this guide to find information resources related to the care of older people including books, reports and journal articles.

Last updated: 16/05/2024

Key Resources

Publication cover Royal College of Nursing (2021) Eyes right: older people and driving. RCN: London.
Publication cover Royal College of Nursing (2023) Caring for older people: the essential role of the care home nurse. London: RCN.
Age UKInformation guides and factsheets 
  • Information aimed at the general public.
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James van Oppen (2022) What matters to older people with frailty in hospital? NIHR Evidence summary.

NHS England (2019) NHS RightCare frailty tool kit. Optimising a frailty system.
NHS England, Age UK, Getting it Right First Time and National Institute for Health Care and Excellence (2019) NHS RightCare frailty toolkit: optimising a frailty system.
Older People’s Commissioner for Wales
Older People's Commissioner for Wales (2018) Making Wales the best place to grow older: commissioner strategy 2019-2022.
We would like to thank the RCN Older People's member community for their input into the development of this subject guide.


Book cover Barrett C and Hinchliff S (2017) Addressing the sexual rights of older people. London: Routledge.

Cameron A P (2022) Female urinary incontinence. Cham: Springer International.

Book cover Day M, McCarthy G and Fitzpatrick J (2018) Self-neglect in older adults: a global, evidence-based resource for nurses and other health care providers. New York, NY: Springer.

Gomes F (2022) Frailty in older adults with cancer. Cham: Springer International.

Book cover Isik A T and Grossberg G T (2018) Delirium in elderly patients. Cham: Springer International.
Book cover Rahman S (2019) Living with frailty: from assets and deficits to resilience. Oxon: Routledge.

Rahman S, Inouye S, MacLullich A, Davis D and Arora A (2020) Essentials of delirium: everything you really need to know for working in delirium care. London:  Jessica Kingsley.

Book cover Randell A (2014) Delirium: diagnosis, management and prevention. New York: Novinka.
Book cover Ross F, Harris R G, Fitzpatrick J, Abley C and Redfern S J (2024) Redfern's nursing older people. 5th edn. Edinburgh: Elsevier.
Book cover Rovensky, Jozef (2017) Gerontorheumatology. Cham: Springer International Publishing.
Book cover Ebersole P, Touhy T A, Jett K F and Hess P (2020) Ebersole and Hess’ toward healthy aging: human needs and nursing response. 10th edn. St Louis: Elsevier Mosby.

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Journal articles

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International Journal of Older People Nursing Journals of interest for the care of older people. Use these links to see details of availability.

Events and Exhibitions

Cover image RCN exhibition: Aspects of age
  • Explore the shift from institutional to home care over two centuries of older people‚Äôs nursing, from the workhouses of the Victorian era to the hospital, care home and beyond. In an ageing population, we ask how nursing can improve the lives of those over 75.
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