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Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is a complex issue that all health care professionals should have some understanding about. They should be aware of who is affected, how individual victims may present in differing health care settings, how the subject could be approached, and most importantly what professionals can do to help and support victims of abuse. Use this guide to find information resources about all aspects of domestic abuse including books, reports and journal articles.

Last updated: 16/12/2021

Key Resources

Department of Health (2017) Domestic abuse: a resource for health professionals, London: DH.
Home Office and Ministry of Justice (2020) Domestic Abuse Bill. London: DH and MoJ.
Royal College of Nursing (2020) Anonymous registration on the electoral register in the UK. London: RCN.
RCN: Domestic abuse general resources and support

Royal College of Nursing (2020) Guidance for nurses and midwives to support those affected by domestic abuse. London: RCN.
Book Cover Royal College of Nursing (2020) RCN position statement on domestic abuse, London: RCN. 
World Health Organization (2017) Violence against women. Geneva: WHO.


Book cover Bates E A and Taylor J C (2019) Intimate partner violence: new perspectives in research and practice. Milton: Taylor and Francis.
Book Cover Bewley S, Welch J (2014) ABC of domestic and sexual violence
Book Cover Bradbury-Jones C and Isham L (2021) Understanding gender-based violence: an essential textbook for nurses, healthcare professionals and social workers. Cham: Springer.
Book Cover Collis S (2015) Hearing young people talk about witnessing domestic violence: exploring feelings, coping strategies and pathways to recovery, London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
Book Cover Holt S et al (2017) Responding to domestic violence: emerging challenges for policy, practice and research in Europe, London: Jessica Kingsley.
Book Cover Howard L M, Feder G and Agnew-Davies R (2019) Domestic violence and mental health. London: Royal College of Psychiatrists.
Book Cover Malley KB, Warren JC and Barefoot KN (2017) LGBT health: meeting the needs of gender and sexual minorities, New York: Springer.
  • Chapter 8 looks at intimate partner violence among gender and sexual minority groups.
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Book Cover Messinger A M and Guadalupe-Diaz X L (2020) Transgender intimate partner violence: a comprehensive introduction. New York: New York University Press.
Book Cover Miller CA (2016) Elder abuse and nursing: what nurses need to know and can do about it, New York: Springer.
Book Cover Motz A (2014) Toxic couples: the psychology of domestic violence, Florence: Taylor and Francis.
Book Cover Murray CE, Crowe A (2016) Overcoming the stigma of intimate partner abuse, London: Routledge.
Book Cover Russell B (2020) Intimate partner violence and the LGBT+ community: understanding power dynamics. Cham: Springer.
Book Cover Sammut SC, Vetere A, Abela A and Cooper J (2017) Intervening after violence: therapy for couples and families, Cham: Springer.
Book Cover Shackelford T K, (2020) The SAGE handbook of domestic violence. London: SAGE.
Book Cover Wendt S and Zannettino L (2014) Domestic violence in diverse contexts: a re-examination of gender, London: Routledge

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Page last updated - 16/12/2021