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Use this guide to find information resources about pain including books, journal articles and reports.

Last updated: 04/07/2024

Key Resources

RCN Report Cover Royal College of Nursing (2023) UK career framework for pain nurses. London: RCN.
British Pain Society (2019) Outcome measures. London: BPS.
Faculty of Pain Medicine (2021) Core standards for pain management services in the UK. 2nd edn. London: Royal College of Anaesthetists.
Faculty of Pain Medicine (2020) Opioids aware: a resource for patients and healthcare professionals to support prescribing of opioid medicines for pain. London: Royal College of Anaesthetists.

NHS Choices: 10 ways to reduce pain

NHS England: Opioid prescribing for chronic pain.
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SIGN (2019) Guidelines: Management of chronic pain.
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Versus Arthritis (2021) Chronic pain in England: Unseen unequal unfair.
We would like to thank the RCN Pain and Palliative Care member community for their input into the development of this subject guide.


Book Cover Ambron R (2022) The brain and pain: breakthroughs in neuroscience. New York: Columbia University Press.
Book cover Attal N and Bouhassira D (eds.) (2023) Neuropathic pain. New York: Oxford University Press.
Book cover Breivik H, Campbell, W I and Nicholas M (2019) Clinical pain management: practice and procedures. 2nd edn. Boca Raton: CRC Press.
Book Cover Cole F (2020) Overcoming chronic pain: a self-help guide using cognitive behavioral techniques. London: Robinson.
Book cover Collantes Celador E, Rudiger J and Tameem A (eds.) (2022) Essential notes in pain medicine. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Book cover DaƄczak A and Lazenby N (2020) Pain: management, expression, interpretation. Freeland: Interdisciplinary Press.
Book cover D'Arcy Y and Kiley D (2020) Pain management in primary care: essential knowledge for APRNs and PAs. New York:Springer.
Book cover Erdine S and Staats P S (eds.) (2022) Complications of pain-relieving procedures: an illustrated guide. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons.
Book Cover Hogans B (2022) Pain medicine at a glance. Hoboken: Wiley Blackwell.
Book Cover Hossain A (2021) The pain gap: How sexism and racism in healthcare kill women. New York: Simon & Schuster.
Book cover Jackson G (2019) Pain and prejudice: a call to arms for women and their bodies. London: Piatkus.
Book Cover Lalkhen A (2022) Pain: what it is, why it happens and how to cope. London: Atlantic Books. 
Book cover Macintyre P E and Schug S A (2020) Acute pain management: a practical guide. 5th edn. Milton: Taylor & Francis Group.
Book cover Sharma M, Simpson K H, Bennett M I and Gupta S (2022) Practical management of complex cancer pain. 2nd edn. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Page last updated - 04/07/2024