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  • Ged Swinton Ged Swinton 4 Jan 2021

    Never underestimate the value of a nurse

    2020 started with such promise for nurses and nursing, we were planning to celebrate the work that we do in the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife. The opportunity to show the world the way we as a profession contribute to everyone’s everyday life. It was planned to be a joyous showcase of how nursing contributes to the world.

  • Ged Swinton Ged Swinton 31 Aug 2020

    Fair pay for nursing - get involved

    South East Board Chair Ged Swinton explains why he is committed to the #FairPayForNursing campaign.

  • Ruth Bailey Ruth Bailey 10 Aug 2020

    Ruth Bailey: fighting for fair pay

    Not much will keep me away from the beach on a hot summer’s day, but this Saturday’s protest march for justice for NHS pay in Brighton was one such event. I am incensed that nurses – who  have worked for years in the most challenging of conditions with inadequate staffing levels, and who have in recent months been publicly lauded for our dedication, commitment and care –  have still not been recognised with the pay we deserve. Nothing was going to stop me making some noise.   

  • Ruth Bailey Ruth Bailey 15 Jun 2020

    Virtual South East: are we missing a trick?

    Twiddling my thumbs on a Sunday night, I wondered how I would spend the wet week ahead that I had booked off to attend RCN Congress. It was postponed months ago, added to the ever growing Covid-Casualty list of fractured plans and disappointments.  I had been so looking forward to the thrill of Congress; meeting activists, fiery debates, innovative fringe activities and catching up with friends.  Most of all, I needed a dose of that intoxicating buzz for Nursing, that Congress ignites.

  • Ged Swinton Ged Swinton 1 Jun 2020

    Ged Swinton: Covid from my perspective

    Covid has been a significant challenge across the globe as Chair of the South East regional board I have suspended my ANP training and returned to my first discipline of critical care to help in the covid response for critical care beds.

  • Jeremy Benton Jeremy Benton 13 May 2020

    Jeremy Benton: April update from your Council member

    As we pass six weeks of social distancing, nursing continues to rise to the challenges the pandemic throws at the South East. The challenges are different in different sectors, specialities, roles and workplaces and are evolving as each day passes.

  • Jeremy Benton Jeremy Benton 31 Mar 2020

    Jeremy Benton: March update from your Council member

    What a difference a month makes! This is not the blog I was hoping and expecting to write but in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are a number of issues - mainly around information and misinformation - that I think it is important to cover here.

  • Jeremy Benton Jeremy Benton 24 Feb 2020

    Jeremy Benton: February update from your Council member

    February update from the South East Council Member Jeremy Benton.

  • Jeremy Benton Jeremy Benton 13 Jan 2020

    Jeremy Benton: An update from your Council member

    An update from the South East Council Member Jeremy Benton.

  • Dolores McCormick Dolores McCormick 12 Nov 2019

    Introducing the RCN's new Independent Sector Lead

    Recently appointed RCN Independent Sector Lead Dolores McCormick on her new role.