Nursing Pay in Wales

Here you can find the latest information about NHS pay in Wales.


Changes from April 2020

1 April 2020 begins the third year of the NHS Wales three year pay deal. Changes to the pay structure continue in Year 3 and that means that pay increases for members in Wales may be different from that of their colleagues.  Some people do better than others in each individual year.  Members in Wales can view the full details of the three-year deal here.

During this year further pay points are deleted as part of the move to increase starting salaries and reduce the length of time it takes to reach the top of pay bands. Members should use the pay journey tool to see what year three means for you.

NHS Wales applicable

Please remember that this deal is for staff working in the NHS in Wales only and does not include all RCN members in Wales.  However, the RCN across the UK has agreed to continue to fight for better pay and conditions for all members of the nursing family – whether in the NHS or the independent sector.  Please remember to update your membership details by logging on to MyRCN

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