RCN general meetings

RCN AGM 2020

The postponed 2020 RCN annual general meeting (AGM) took place on 6 August 2020.

If you're an RCN member, log in to find out more about the RCN's 2020 AGM, including the agenda and the annual report and accounts. You can also find out about past general meetings.

RCN general meetings

A general meeting is a meeting of RCN members during which they may make decisions on proposals put to them by RCN Council, or by other members.

An annual general meeting (AGM) is a type of general meeting. The AGM's prime purpose is for members to receive the annual report and accounts and to ask questions about the running and performance of the organisation.

Other general meetings are referred to as extraordinary general meetings (EGMs).

General meetings and the rules governing them are fairly standard across most companies and organisations, and the RCN's own rules on general meetings reflect common practice.

The RCN's rules are set out in sections 13 to 18 of the Standing Orders.

Further guidance is set out here.