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Our work

How we represent forum members

  • Promoting best practice by carrying out research and producing evidence-based guidance.
  • Understanding the highly specialised health care needed for the person with musculoskeletal problems and injury both before and after orthopaedic surgery.
  • Organising conferences and study events to enable orthopaedic and trauma nurses to network and share innovation and best practice.

Our strategy

  • Regularly engaging with orthopaedic and trauma practitioners and educators within the UK to best inform practice.
  • Working in collaboration with our International colleagues.
  • Working to improve patient care.

What we are currently working on

Review of the following three publications:

Undertake and complete the Tertiary Trauma Survey literature review.

Recent activity

Traction Principles and Application (2021). This updated guidance provides information on applying traction and caring for patients safely whilst traction remains in place. It also reflects the variation in the application of traction across the UK.

The Society held a very successful webinar, Developing practice in trauma and orthopaedic nursing, on 16 November 2020. Topics included:

  • Nutrition - its role in wound and bone healing.
  • Compartment syndrome - identification and clinical management.
  • Sepsis - management and nursing care of the patient.

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