RCN Scotland comment on delay to opening of new children's hospital in Edinburgh

5 Jul 2019

Patient safety is paramount so decision to delay opening of new hospital is right, says RCN Scotland.

Commenting on the delay to the opening of the new building housing the children's hospital and clinical neurosciences and child and adolescent mental health services in Edinburgh, announced yesterday by the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing, Ros Shaw, Senior Officer with the Royal College of Nursing, Scotland said:

“Patient safety must be the top priority and we support the Cabinet Secretary Jeane Freeman’s decision to delay the move until patient safety can be assured. It is however extremely disappointing that these concerns had not been picked up before now and that the decision to delay the move was taken at such a late stage. We will be supporting nursing staff at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, the Department of Clinical Neurosciences at the Western General Hospital and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital to understand the implications delaying the move will have for them and the patients they care for.”

Page last updated - 11/12/2019