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COVID-19 redeployment letter

During COVID-19 and with the current shortage of nurses in the UK, nurses may be asked to be redeployed outside of their usual working environment and speciality.

If members have concerns about their competency in being redeployed to another area and/or speciality, they can raise it with their employer using the model letter below.

Copy and paste our model letter below

Dear [send to Lead Nurse and copy to Director of Nursing and Director of HR]

I am a registered nurse within [xxx] at [name of employer]. My substantive post is within [xxx] and I believe that is where I am currently competent to work. 

As a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic and subsequent pressures within the workplace, I have been asked to redeploy to [xxx].

As a Registered Nurse I am bound by the NMC code (2020) to recognise and work within the limits of my competence. Therefore, whilst I understand the need for me to be redeployed to ensure patients can be cared for, I am using this letter to raise my concerns, to you my employer, that I may not have the required levels of professional competence to work within the area I am being redeployed to. 

As a Registered Nurse I will commit to working to the best of my ability to care for the patients assigned to me and I will use my clinical knowledge, skills and expertise to deliver safe care within my level of professional competence. 

I expect that the employer will provide appropriate supervision and training for me throughout the redeployment and I will only be allocated tasks that are within my level of competence at the time and ensure that as my employer you will be complying with your legal “duty of care” obligation, to me as your employee.

I also expect that if I raise concerns about my workload or concerns about patient safety they will be acted upon immediately. 

Yours sincerely

[Insert name]


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