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Trainee Nursing Associate case studies

The creation of the Nursing Associate is a landmark innovation for the nursing profession. Nursing Associates play an important role in a multi- disciplinary workforce. The new role is expected to work alongside care assistants and registered nurses to deliver hands on care.

Want to know more? Take a look at our case studies.

Meet the future nursing associates. Find out more about the role of the clinical educator and a trainee nursing associate (TNA) manager and listen to a story from an Assistant Practitioner who supports TNAs in practice.

Hannah Sheldon, Trainee Nursing Associate (TNA)

Hannah Sheldon is a Trainee Nursing Associate (TNA) at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. Hannah talks about the varied placements she has had since commencing the TNA role and gives an overview of the training and support she has been given.  Hannah says it’s nice to be a trailblazer for something new.

Joanne Dickinson, Nurse Practitioner 

Joanne Dickinson is a Nurse Practitioner within the Homeless and Vulnerable Adult Service and Asylum and Refugee Service in Bolton NHS Foundation Trust. When the nursing associate programme was introduced she thought it would be a good opportunity to develop one of her staff members.

Lisa Grognet, Trainee Nursing Associate 

Lisa Grognet is a Trainee Nursing Associate (TNA) within the Homeless and Vulnerable Adult Service and Asylum and Refugee service in Bolton NHS Foundation. Lisa talks about her secondment and the exciting opportunity of being part of a national programme.

Anita Prince, Assistant Practitioner 

Anita Prince has been an Assistant Practitioner (AP) for thirteen years. She works on a busy ward in the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. Anita talks about her role, her training and how she supports both patients and colleagues. Lisa says she makes a difference by being a people’s person.

Lisa Murray, Clinical Educator 

Lisa Murray is a Clinical Educator at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. Lisa supports and teaches the Trainee Nursing Associates (TNA).  Lisa says she has seen the TNAs grow as healthcare professionals since commencing their training.

Michelle Alderson

Michelle Alderson case study

Michelle Alderson is employed as a Trainee Nursing Associate (TNA) for Sirona Care and Health in extra care, which is a social care facility in Bristol. Before Michele commenced the TNA programme she was a step-down support worker helping individuals to rehabilitate in an assisted living environment. Read Michelle's case study.

Beatrice Tripp

Beatrice Tripp case study

Beatrice Tripp has been working as a Trainee Nursing Associate since 2017. Beatrice works on a CAMHS Tier 4 unit in Plymouth and was a Healthcare Assistant on that unit for eighteen months before she became a TNA. Read Beatrice's case study.