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Raising concerns letter for nursing support workers

Due to the current unsustainable pressures across the UK health and social care sectors and the shortage of staff, you may have concerns about issues that will impact patient care or safety.

If you have concerns, you can raise it in the first instance with your manager/employer using the model letter below. We know that this can feel quite scary to do, but you can be reassured you are doing the right thing in raising your concerns and the RCN will support you to take things further if needed.

We have also written a model raising concerns letter for nurses.

Copy and paste our model letter template below

Dear [send to line manager],

As an employee I have a duty to report any concerns I have about the health and safety of my workplace and issues affecting the safety of our patients.

As my employer, under health and safety legislation, you have a duty of care towards your staff and the patients they care for and should take all reasonable steps to address these concerns.

With both of these points in mind, I am writing to raise the following concerns.

[Add detail as appropriate. You may wish to mention: On (X shift on X day) there were not enough nursing staff to deliver safe care; staff:patient ratio; staffing levels and the skill mix; number of patients and their acuity; availability of appropriate PPE; clear leadership or management; adverse events; and other ways you have tried to raise this concern].

As an [insert role title], I act at all times to deliver safe and effective care to patients and uphold high standards. I have done all I can but care is currently being compromised. Given the nature of my concerns, I am formally asking you to intervene in the interests of safe care.

I intend to share a copy of this letter with my trade union, the Royal College of Nursing.

Yours Sincerely,

[Insert name]


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