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Voting opens on NHS pay offer for nursing staff in England

28 Mar 2023

Members employed on Agenda for Change contracts in England can now vote on whether to accept or reject the UK government’s latest pay offer.

NHS pay offer consultation

You’ll have until 9am on 14 April to cast your vote on the RCN website. Once logged into the site using your RCN membership number and password, you’ll be asked one question – whether you want to accept or reject the offer. 

The offer made by the UK government consists of two one-off payments for the current financial year 2022/23 referred to as non-consolidated amounts as they don’t count towards your pension and aren’t added to your future pay packet. These amounts when combined are worth between £1,655 and £3,789 dependent on your salary band. They’re additional to increases to your pay already made this financial year. 

The offer also includes a 5% consolidated (permanent) pay increase for 2023/24 for all those at point 2 of Band 2 and above and a series of commitments and plans to improve pay, terms and conditions over time. These include a specific commitment to the RCN to consider a new pay spine exclusively for all nursing staff, as part of work to tackle challenges with career and pay progression with the intention that resulting changes can be delivered within the 2024/25 pay year.

The UK government has also committed, for the first time, to a national evidence-based policy framework on safe staffing, focusing on registered nurses, that will draw on legislation in the rest of the UK and internationally, and has said it will undertake work to reduce violence against NHS staff.

Members are urged to familiarise themselves with the full offer and consider what it means for them. It affects each person differently, depending on what pay band and pay point you’re on. 

The RCN’s elected Council is recommending that members vote to accept the offer. 

RCN General Secretary & Chief Executive Pat Cullen said: “Ministers spent many months ignoring the voice of nursing and they forced us to take extremely difficult strike action before recognising the need to look again at pay in the NHS. 

“Weeks of negotiation resulted in a new offer and it’s only right that we ask our members to vote again and to give their view on the government’s proposal. Whatever the members decide, we will build on the last few months of campaigning for fair pay and recognition. 

“We are urging our members to look at the offer in full. There are several elements, including a stepping stone towards safe staffing legislation and a new pay spine for nursing. 

“Nursing staff have fought proudly for their profession and patients alike in recent months. Our membership has never been stronger and their determination has led to this new offer.”

It’s important you know your RCN membership number and password, as you’ll need these to vote. Please also check that your MyRCN details show you are eligible to vote, by confirming you’re employed by the NHS in England on an Agenda for Change contract. You can vote more than once if you change your mind during the voting period, but it’s only your final vote that’ll count.


Page last updated - 27/08/2023