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Social media toolkit for RCN accredited programmes

Congratulations on gaining RCN Accreditation. Now it’s time to shout about it. Here are some awareness raising tips, videos, visuals and logos to promote your newly accredited resource or event on social media. 

When creating a post, we recommend that you select one copy option from the list below and one accompanying asset and share via your social media channels (LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, and Instagram). Using our suggested hashtags will give your post further reach.

Remember, always add the RCN social media handle so we are notified and can like and share your post, creating further awareness of your accredited programme.

What is a social media asset?

Social media assets are the diverse range of digital content, including images, videos, text posts, infographics, and interactive elements, strategically crafted and deployed across social platforms to promote brand identity, engage audiences, and drive desired actions.


Option 1

We’re delighted to announce that <insert name of your company resource/event/course> has received @RCN Accreditation, valid until <insert expiry date>.

This seal of approval demonstrates our alignment with the RCN’s high quality and standards, reassuring nursing professionals that this <resource/event/course> has been through a rigorous quality assurance process.

Visit to find out how to get your programme RCN accredited.

Option 2

Exciting news! We’re thrilled to announce that <insert name of your company resource/event/course> has earned prestigious @RCN Accreditation, valid until <insert expiry date>.

This recognition is a testament to our commitment to excellence in nursing education and practice. We're proud to be acknowledged for the high standards we uphold.

To find out how to get your organisation’s resource accredited by the RCN, visit

Option 3

We’re pleased to reveal that <insert name of your company resource/event/course> has been officially accredited by the @RCN until <insert expiry date>.

A big thank you to the dedicated team at the RCN, our passionate educators, and our amazing students - your hard work and dedication have made this achievement possible.

This accreditation propels us forward, inspiring us to continue fostering a culture of continuous improvement and delivering gold-standard nursing <courses/education/events>.


Please add one or more of the following to the end of your copy:

  • #RCNaccredited
  • #RCN
  • #Accreditation
  • #RCNAccreditation
  • #RCNApproved
  • #EducatingNurses
  • #HealthcareExcellence
  • #ProudAchievement
  • #QualityCare

Social media handles

Please ensure that when you reference the RCN in your copy you use the correct handle according to the social media channel you are posting on.

The RCN's handles on various social media platforms can be found below:

  • LinkedIn: @RoyalCollegeofNursing
  • Facebook: @RoyalCollegeofNursing
  • Instagram: @theRCN
  • Twitter (X): @theRCN

Logos and imagery

Using logos and images on your social posts will create greater engagement. Below are some download links so you can add these to your posts.

RCN accreditation logo

Download links:

RCN accreditation logo reverse

Download links:

RCN accreditation infographic

Download links:

RCN Accreditation video

Watch our promotional video below. 

RCN Accreditation makes you stand out from the crowd

Any questions?

Please contact Paolo Alowosile, RCN Commercial Marketing Executive on 020 7647 3826 or