Nursing cadet scheme

The RCN Prince of Wales Nursing Cadet Scheme gives young members of uniformed organisations an introduction to potential careers in nursing.

Supported by HRH Prince of Wales, the scheme aims to develop and prepare them for life and to support them towards employment in nursing.

About the program

The scheme runs alongside their usual uniformed organisation activities, combining guided online and experiential learning. This includes learning modules and a clinical observational placement within their local health care region. 

Once they have completed this, cadets submit a portfolio of reflection and gain a completion certificate. They are then supported to take decisions on next steps, which can include a level 2 or 3 related diploma, a foundation degree or an undergraduate nursing degree.

The scheme was selected as a finalist for the Nursing Times Awards 2021.

Nursing Times Awards 2021 Finalist

Where it’s running 

The scheme is currently running across England and Wales in conjunction with the army cadet forces, combined cadet forces, St John Ambulance Cymru and St John Ambulance England. 

We are currently working RCN Northern Ireland and RCN Scotland to look at the suitability of running the scheme within their regions.

Watch our videos

Our videos below give a bit of an insight into the cadet experience.

The staff there were very nice and gave me a good insight into their individual roles. I had lots to do like dining with the patients and playing games with them and doing wellness sessions and lots of other stuff.
I was shown how to administer medications and how to take their blood sugar levels which was interesting. All in all it was very eye-opening. Thank you for getting me the placement."

Katie, from Devon RCN Price of Wales Nursing Cadet Scheme participant
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