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Flexible working letter template

Your employer might provide a form for you to use when applying for flexible working. If not, copy, paste and personalise our letter template below to structure your application. 

(Today's date)

(Employer name)

(Employer address)  


Dear (name of your line manager),


I am writing to make a formal application under the statutory right to request flexible working.

(Choose either) I have not made any previous flexible working requests.

(Or) I have previously made (a flexible working request or flexible working requests) on (date).

My current working arrangement is (give full details, including days worked, working hours and usual work location).

I would like to change this arrangement to 
(give details of the change you would like to make to your working arrangement. For example:

  • Working part-time hours (detail the hours and days you would like to work)
  • Changing shift start/finish times
  • Compressing your working hours (for example, working a 9-day fortnight))

I realise that there is no requirement for me to explain why I would like to work differently, but I think sharing my reasons may help with decision-making. The reason I would like this change is (explain why you would like the change; for example, to improve your work-life balance).

I would like this change to start from (date).

To deal with any impact that this change could have, I suggest (give details of how you and your employer could deal with any impact. For example, other flexibilities you could offer such as working fixed days for planning purposes).

(Give details of any benefits that the change could have to your work, organisation or your colleagues. For example:

  • saving costs
  • covering unpopular shifts).


I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

(Your name)