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Template letters for GP nursing staff to request 6% pay uplift

The RCN is calling on all employers of practice nursing staff in England, to provide their staff with an increase in pay, in line with increased funding.

Earlier this year the Westminster government announced a 6% pay uplift for salaried practice staff, including nursing staff, employed by GP surgeries providing NHS services.

If you have not had confirmation from your employer about this pay increase, or your employer is not being transparent about the pay you should receive, we’ve created the following letter templates to support you in raising this issue with your employer.

Ask for a pay rise template letter

Dear {insert name of manager} 

I'm writing to you as my employer, to highlight the Department of Health and Social Care announcement of 13 July 2023 ( regarding the 2023-24 pay award for general practice staff which I am sure you are already familiar with.

The announcement states that: “The GP contract will be uplifted to provide funding for salaried general practice staff. This funding will be backdated to April 2023, and it is our expectation this funding is passed on promptly to all salaried general practice staff”. The Department for Health and Social Care explanatory blog ( from 14 July specifically mentions nurses being included.

I trust, that as my employer, you will ensure that I receive the additional payment to increase my salary -,including backdating this payment to April 2023, in full and as soon as  funds are available.

I am very happy to discuss this further if needed but I do consider that I am entitled to this. Therefore, I hope the matter can be resolved without recourse to any formal process.

Please can you confirm the pay increase and that this will be received and backdated in the November pay run at your earliest convenience..  
Many thanks, 

{Add name}  

Ask for pay rise calculations template letter

Dear (insert name of manager)

I am writing to you as my employer to ask for further information regarding the contractual uplift of 6% for General Practice salaried staff, announced by the UK Government on 13 July.

Following this announcement, the BMA accepted an offer from NHS England on 29 September, which uplifts the staffing expenses element of the Global Sum by 3.9%, which is in addition to the 2.1% already added to this element of the fund, earlier this year. This will be received by General Practices in the November global sum payment.

You have advised that I will be paid {insert the information from your employer} and not 6% as announced by the government.

In order that I can understand why I am not being paid a 6% increase in full, I request that you provide me with the full financial details of what funding the practice has received as part of this funding increase, and the calculations you have used as my employer to decide on my pay rise for this year.

Please provide this information as soon as possible upon receipt of this letter.

Many thanks

{Add name}