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Disability coaching & advice

The RCN Peer Support Service offers members advice and coaching to assist with disability related issues that impact upon their ability to remain in, or return to, nursing.

Disability advice and coaching

Any RCN member with a mid to long term health issue, impairment, disability or neurodiversity can request an appointment with the Peer Support Officer, Holly, to explore a disability and work related issue.

If you are seeking a safe space to discuss:

  • Disclosing a disability at work or during recruitment processes
  • Remaining in a role
  • Returning to nursing following ill health
  • Progressing a work issue eg. delays with the implementation of reasonable adjustments
  • Placement related issues for students.

This service could benefit you.

We ask that you first join the peer support service and engage with your peers who can offer valuable lived experience of disability and neurodiversity.

Then to request an appointment please email with details of your situation and what you hope to achieve by speaking to us.

Holly will use a coaching approach to support you to explore your issues and find resolutions. Coaching is about looking to the future; it is a safe space, time and support to find your own solutions rooted in the belief that you are capable and well resourced.

Sometimes in the course of the conversation, there will be a clear need for advice and this will be provided at appropriate points during the session, often at the end of the session. An example would be signposting to RCN and external support agencies that can assist with your issue.

Up to three sessions will be offered. 

For support with careers related issues such as being at a careers crossroads and looking at alternative roles please explore our career resources.

NB – if you are being supported by an RCN Rep or Officer it may not be appropriate for us to provide additional support at this time- but please get in touch and we can check.

Speak to other nurses and HCAs with lived experience of disability. 

Join the RCN Peer Support Service today to give and receive support.