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Overpayment of wages: Step 1 letter

To stop deductions and request a breakdown of overpayment

If you have been overpaid, you will generally need to repay the amount. However, both parties should act reasonably.

See our overpayment of wages guide for a step by step process of what to do if you have been overpaid. It includes how to negotiate a repayment plan and our template repayment letter.

You can use our  template letter below to stop any deductions and to ask for a full breakdown of the overpayment. Send this to your line manager and copy in Human Resources (HR) and your payroll department if possible.

Copy and paste our model letter template below

(Enter employer/agency name)
(Enter employer/agency address)

Dear (enter employer/agency name),

I am writing to you because I have been informed that I have been overpaid.
I (am/was employed/engaged) by you from (enter date) to (enter date) as a (enter job title) on a (enter job type - full time, part time or agency/casual) basis.

You have stated that I have been overpaid by a total sum of (enter amount). Please could you supply a full breakdown of the overpayments including dates?
I would like time to carefully consider this and check it against my own records.

Until we agree that an overpayment has been made, I ask that no deductions are made from my wages. Once agreed, please can we meet to discuss a repayment plan? 

If you deduct the overpayment without further discussion it could negatively affect me in the following ways - (enter details here; for example the possibility of defaulting on your mortgage payments, incurring bank charges, being unable to financially support your family etc.) 
 Kind regards,

(Enter your name and contact number).

(Enter your address).

Overpayment of wages guide

Our advice guide will give you a step by step breakdown of what to do.

Overpayment step 3 letter

Our repayment letter can be used to request a reasonable repayment plan.

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