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Prioritising personal safety

Model letter for use in England, Scotland and Wales

This letter should be used to raise concerns about your personal safety in relation to your working environment.
Please copy and paste the letter and send it to your manager. 

Dear {insert name of manager}

I/We am writing to you as my/our manager to escalate health and safety concerns relating to {insert details of incident}.

I/We have formally reported the incident and followed the organisation’s policy for raising concerns but I/we am/are not satisfied with the action that has been taken and feel that I/we continue to be at risk of harm when working in this environment.

As my/our employer, the organisation has a duty of care for my/our health and safety under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. This means you should review risk assessments and take all reasonable steps to reduce the risk of harm to members of staff exposed to the risk.

My/Our professional body and trade union, the Royal College of Nursing, also expects employers to have a policy in place on the management of violence and aggression and other risks which outlines what actions organisations will take in the event of unacceptable behaviours or unsafe situations in patients’ homes, including behavioural agreements, formal warnings and sanctions for violent or abusive behaviours.

I/We respectfully ask you to take immediate action to review and address these risks in order to keep staff safe.

Yours sincerely

{Add name/names of signatories}