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RCN Critical Care and Flight Nursing Forum Ambassadors

The forum ambassador is an integral member of the forum who acts as a link between the forum and their particular area of expertise or interest.  They work closely with the steering committee to act as a representative and project manager for particular agreed workstreams.

  • to act as a resource from their work area or particular area of interest or speciality to support the work of the forum
  • to act as a link between the forum and the ‘specialist’ team identified
  • to act as a subject matter expert (SME) in their particular field
  • to lead and assist with the delivery of projects and to record the progress on Asana
  • to attend steering committee meetings as required to provide status updates on project work, or SME support
  • a voluntary position, that requires the link nurse to be self-driven, motivated, and accountable for delivery of project work.

Forum Chair and Committee members.

  • there will be a designated mentor or buddy from the Steering committee to work closely with the Forum ambassador and support as required
  • it will enable the Forum ambassador to become familiar with the RCN and the forum to increase their knowledge, skills and expertise in national policy and workings of the college
  • there will also be a formal on-boarding process where you will learn about the RCN and the forum, and get to network with the other ambassadors and committee members
  • there are regular touch points where you are able to join the steering committee telephone conferences every 2-3 months for engagement sessions.

  • act as a Forum Ambassador for the RCN Fatigue project
  • promote good practice and provide advice and support to colleagues within the forum on Wellness project
  • promote the use of local policies, guidelines and procedures specific to the project
  • be responsible for practising safely within the appropriate professional code of practice and maintaining own registration where applicable
    maintain up to date knowledge of the specialty subject and promote evidence- based practice
  • attend and contribute to meetings
  • disseminate pertinent information to the forum committee in an appropriate and timely manner
  • ensure documentation is available and maintained appropriately on Asana.

  • robust knowledge and understanding of critical care, medical case management and /or flight nursing
  • strong interpersonal and communication skills – written and verbal
  • personal and people development skills including team working
  • time and resource management
  • culture and diversity – keep focused and non-judgmental, and show respect for people’s views
  • to work well within the NMC (2016) Code of Conduct.


We are always looking to meet and work with new medical professionals who have a passion for flight, critical care or medical assistance. If you would like to be involved, please contact:

Our Ambassadors

Giles Hall

Giles Hall - Medical Escort Security & Safety Ambassador

Giles Hall is the Quality Manager for Eurasia and Pacific at International SOS working on the US Military contract TRICARE. He previously held the role of Head of Quality for International SOS’ Security Services division where he created and implemented a comprehensive quality management system. He is a qualified Security Risk Management Consultant and a chartered quality professional.
Giles first looked at the concepts of Security & Safety when serving in the British Royal Navy and as forum ambassador he led a project to investigate in-flight nurses experiences of security during commercial patient movements. He presented the findings at an RCN Annual Conference.

Giles has been a nurse for twenty years. He holds a Diploma in Tropical Nursing from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and has extensive experience in critical care, in-flight movements and disaster relief.

"Being a forum ambassador is a win-win for me! Firstly, it is amazing to meet and discuss issues with others on the forum and the flight and medical assistance nurse leadership network. There are some giants of the profession in the forum who have a phenomenal scope of gifting and experience. Secondly, it is so helpful to be able to bring a project to the table for suggestions and direction. The resources of the RCN have really helped with my project and will do in the future as I continue to try to understand and improve the in-flight nurses experience and awareness of their security." - Giles

Nadia Marashi

Nadia Marashi - Ambassador for Wellbeing

Nadia Marashi is a Healthcare Programme Manager at International SOS. She graduated from Kings College London as an adult nurse and worked for several years in a busy central London Major Trauma Centre where she developed a passion for critical care.

Following this she joined International SOS as a Coordinating Nurse within the Assistance part of the organization where she learnt a great deal about aeromedical transportation, tropical and travel health. In her current role as a Healthcare Programme Manager, Nadia is part of the Health Consulting team Practice and supports the workforce of several organizations globally with workplace health and wellbeing programmes.

"As I have a passion for workplace wellbeing I have been supporting the forum with creating the forum wellbeing strategy. It’s been a great opportunity to get to work with some of the committee as they have a wealth of experience in the field and can speak to the current wellbeing pressures faced by members at this time. I look forward to continuing to work together on the wellbeing project and create some impactful initiatives. " - Nadia Marashi

Olivia Wilson

Olivia Wilson - Clinical Governance – Flight and Assistance Ambassador

Olivia joined International SOS in November 2007 as a Coordinating Nurse on the International Operations platform and went on to hold progressively more senior roles over time.

From 2011 – 2020, Olivia was the Nurse Manager – International Operations, responsible for day to day case management and the performance management, recruitment, training, professional development and clinical governance of the International Operations Nursing Team. This role also included supporting Quality Assurance Initiatives, including ISOS 9001:2008 certification, ISO/TS 13131 Telehealth Certification (awarded by the British Standards Institution) and internal global assistance and medical transportation standards audits. In January 2021, Olivia moved into the Clinical Quality Assurance & Innovation Lead role – TRICARE where she is responsible for the delivery, oversight and management of Clinical Quality initiatives under the TRICARE contract. This includes ensuring the services delivered to TRICARE beneficiaries are of the highest clinical quality by conducting quality assessment activities, identifying areas for improvement and creating an environment for effective clinical governance.

"I have really enjoyed leading on the clinical governance project with the RCN team to positively influence the safety of our flight nurses, medical assistance team and most importantly patients. It has been fascinating to learn more about the RCN and network with a wide range of senior nurses and professionals from within the flight and assistance work." - Olivia

Stuart Philips

Stuart Philips - Clinical Governance – Flight and Assistance Ambassador

Stuart Phillips is the Medical Director for Med ResQ, a UK based medical assistance company. Since co-founding the company, Stuart has lead the development of the medical services provided by Med ResQ to its clients and has an active role in the engagement of existing and new international corporate clients.
Stuart has over 12 years industry experience, both as a flight nurse and also in medical assistance, and with a clinical background in critical care spanning nearly 20 years, he is an expert in the most complex and challenging cases.

Stuart has been a steering member of the RCN Critical Care and Flight Nursing Forum since 2019 and a Clinical Governance Committee member since 2021. Stuart is passionate about providing high–quality, patient centred, medical case management and is motivated to improving standards and education within the medical assistance industry.

Stuart is from Cornwall but relocated to Brighton in 1999 to study for a Diploma in Nursing at the University of Brighton. Initially working in cardiothoracic surgery and interventional cardiology, Stuart went on to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Clinical Practice from the University of Brighton. Stuart’s clinical practice lead him to more senior roles in critical care before moving to medical assistance. Stuart also works as a medico-legal expert witness, having undergone specialist training in this field. Stuart has co-written 2 articles about complex air ambulance cases, both due for publishing in Autumn 2021 and he is expected to co-present a complex case to the Medical Directors’ Forum at the International Travel and Health Insurance Conference in Winter 2021, alongside an air ambulance medical director.