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Supporting wellbeing

Supporting wellbeing

with thanks to the RCN Critical Care and Flight Nursing Forum

Nursing can be a busy, stressful and emotionally draining job which can affect our lives beyond the workplace. A global pandemic in the year of the nurse and midwife has highlighted this more than ever.

There are many resources available to help, whether you need support after an upsetting experience, someone to listen, help to get physically active, techniques to help with sleep or support with financial worries.

We have put together some handy links to just some of what is available to you. We have divided these into four pillars, physical, emotional & mental, financial, and social wellbeing to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. 

Pillar 3 - Social wellbeing

Social wellbeing is important to all of us. Socialising, giving back, being with others outside of work can help us to feel valued and part of a community.

Maintaining social connections can be tricky but volunteering can provide a way to connect with people.


Pillar 2 - Physical wellbeing

Whether it’s about a workout at home, help with building activity into your routine, sound nutritional advice or a podcast to listen to on a walk there’s something to help. Many of these offer discounts or are free to those in the NHS to support you increasing your activity and improving your physical wellness.


Pillar 4 - Financial wellbeing

Financial challenges can affect any of us. There are some great resources available if you need help to manage your money, tips on how to save or assistance with debt.