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Meet the Team

Janet Kelly

Forum Chair

Janet qualified as a nurse in 1988 and as a midwife in 1991.  She joined the army as a Nursing Officer in 1992 serving an eight-year short service commission and currently remains an army reservist at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in Medical Operational Support Group.  On leaving regular service, Janet undertook a Master’s of Arts in Human Resources Management and then a qualifying law degree at the University of Teesside.  

Janet joined the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Hull in November 2003 as Lecturer in Midwifery. She achieved a PhD in Health Studies in 2012, with her thesis titled, ‘Professional, Ethical, and Legal Issues in British Military Healthcare practice’.  

Janet teaches across a multitude of areas including midwifery, healthcare law and ethics, research ethics and governance and ethical frameworks in healthcare decision making. Janet’s primary research interests include military medical ethics and neonatal ethics.  

She has successfully supervised postgraduate students from the UK, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan and Malta including PhD students and Clinical Psychology Doctoral students. Janet is also the former Chair of the Faculty’s, Research Ethics Committee and is currently Deputy Chair of the Hull York Medical School, Research Ethics Committee. She is a peer reviewer of several international journals including, The Lancet, Nursing Ethics, Nurse Education, Women and Birth and the Journal of the Australian College of Midwives. Janet is also a Registrant Chair for the Nursing Midwifery Council’s, Fitness to Practice Conduct and Competence Committees.   

Janet is currently the Head of Department for Midwifery and Child Health. Her hobbies included running and playing the piano. 

Michelle Maund

Registered EN (RAF) RCDM Oxford

Michelle is an Emergency Nurse currently posted to RCDM Oxford, where she currently rotates between working within ED/ Advanced Practitioning and as a Pre-Hospital Ambulance Nurse with SCAS.

Michelle has served within the PMRAFNS for 26yrs in a multitude of postings. These include ED at Portsmouth as well as current location, TMW on (DARTS), short notice deployable squadron and Aeromed Sqn.

During her time on DARTS, she has provided exercise cover for various situations, e.g. (riot control training, SERE, general) humanitarian aid, set up an Aeromed Staging Unit in Iraq and Primary care in Sierra Leone.

She has also deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and BATUK in the roles of MERT and before that IRT.

Michelle had the privilege to participate in LONGLOOK for 2 months to experience Australia and New Zealand.

Away from work, she enjoys travelling and spending time with family and friends as well as reading and drawing.


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