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3 blog posts
  • Dawne Garrett Dawne Garrett 22 Dec 2020

    Dementia care in prisons – what more can be done to improve care?

    The RCN Justice and Forensic Nursing and Older People’s forums have started a project to adapt our renowned SPACE principles for use in prisons.

  • Rachel Lovely Rachel Lovely 4 Nov 2020

    Working in a prison - my journey

    This blog relates to my career within a prison environment and my reflections on this experience. I discuss the positives and challenges of working in this environment; the resilience needed and the opportunities available for positive change.

  • Warren Stewart Warren Stewart 4 Nov 2020

    Why nursing in prisons?

    This blog is a personal reflection on my motivations for nursing in prisons and my reasons for maintaining an interest in it. It's about the challenges and things I've enjoyed about it over the years.