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Careers pre-appointment questionnaire

Complete this questionnaire if you have already booked a careers appointment 

Please take the time to research any roles/clinical areas/courses of interest before your session if you plan on discussing these with your coach. See our career coaching page for tips on how to find information and advice on specific nursing roles.

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Your career coaching session

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What career coaching is :

  • Identifying your values, strengths, priorities, or goals
  • Talking through your ideas, aspirations, or fears
  • Encouraging you to think of ways to move forward
  • Exploring reasons behind any decisions or hesitations

What career coaching is not :

  • Telling you what to do
  • Giving you advice or info, or answering queries
  • Suggesting suitable roles, employers, or courses
  • Trying to fix or solve your problems for you

Career Crossroads

What to consider when changing direction, along with advice and resources to help you plan your next career move

Career crossroads sign