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Transforming the RCN

We want to ensure that you're getting the very best from the RCN.

We are developing new and improved products and services, so that you have everything you need to further your career and deliver the best for your patients.

We have four guiding principles:

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We lead

To promote and protect nursing, lobbying and agitating for positive change.​
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We connect

To become the UK’s most powerful nursing community and the largest nursing professional trade union. ​
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We educate

To become the world leader for nursing education, learning and development.​
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We evolve

To meet the future needs of nursing staff by modernising the RCN through transformation.​

Our transformation focuses on:​


Amplifying members' voices, to shout louder and reach further.​


Connecting members, to improve their experience.


Empowering staff, to deliver with agility, quality and purpose.​

Delivering different types of change:​

Business change

Creating maximum value for nursing staff and members through simple and personalised products and services.​

Digital change

Applying the processes, business models and technologies of the internet era to respond to members' expectations​.

Culture change

Changing the hearts, minds and skills of the organisation to become member-led and staff-empowered. ​

What we've done

In response to your feedback, we’ve:

  • launched RCN Starting Out, a dedicated web app and new section of our website aimed at supporting students and newly qualified nurses
  • redesigned the homepage and improved the internal search function of our website
  • developed new digital platforms to bring you a wide range of virtual events, webinars and live streams, allowing you to choose when and where to pursue your continuing professional development (CPD) with 24/7 access to quality assured content
  • introduced new channels and platforms internally to help our staff better share information to enhance your experience with us.

What's next

There’s more to come. We’re currently developing:

  • a brand new case management system, which will allow our members greater visibility of their own cases, as well as bringing many benefits to our learning reps, safety reps and stewards
  • a new community platform for our forums and active members to communicate and share information on key topics
  • our RCN Starting Out web app is just the first stage of a larger member web app. We’ll be developing bespoke content for all areas of our membership, as well as areas that are important to you, such as campaigning
  • a new platform for you to communicate with us by text message
  • further digital platform upgrades, and new enhancements to our governance and processes, as well as the way we deliver our strategies and priorities.

Transforming to meet the future of nursing

Find out more about what the Royal College of Nursing is doing to shape the future of nursing. 

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