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The RCN provides a range of clinical advice and support to help nurses and health care professionals.

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Title Synonyms
RCN Bladder and Bowel Learning Resource continence, incontinence, continence care, bladder, bowel
Career Pathway and Education Framework for Cancer Nursing Cancer, Cancer framework
Overview of children and young people's nursing cyp, children, young people, adolescent, neonatal nursing, school nursing, health visiting, safeguarding children, children in care
Consent in England and Wales
Consent in Northern Ireland
Consent in Scotland
Clinical governance Quality improvement, patient centred care, health care quality, quality improvement, leadership
Understanding dementia Mental illness
Overview of diabetes diabetes, diabetes management, hyperglycaemia, diabetes management, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes
Domestic violence and abuse domestic violence, domestic abuse, controlling behaviour, coercive behaviour
Overview of eHealth digital health, online health, telecare, telehealth, eCare, ICTs, mHealth
Understanding end of life care End of life care, palliative care, dying, death, terminal illness
Female genital mutilation Female circumcision, Female genital cutting, FGM
Infection prevention and control: information and advice Epidemiology, sepsis
Learning disabilities Learning Disability/Disabilities, Learning Difficulties, Intellectual disability, autism, Positive Behaviour Support, PBS, Nursing, Registered Nurse in Learning Disabilities, RNLD, clinical, Mental capacity
Medicines management support and guidance Drug administration, Medicines management, medicines optimisation, prescribing, medicine management, medicine optimisation
Understanding mental health mental health, depression, mental disorder, personality disorder, schizophrenia, emotional disorder, emotional instability, loss of mind, maladjustment, nervous breakdown, nervous disorder, paranoia, phobia, psychosis. troubled mind, unbalanced, delusions
Modern slavery and human trafficking modern slavery, slavery, trafficking, modern day slavery, slave, slave trade, enslave, slaves
Overview of neuroscience nursing neuroscience neurology neurosurgery neurotrauma
Nutrition and hydration Nutrition, hydration, nourishment, malnutrition, principles of nursing practice
Older people: information and guidance Elderly services
Ophthalmic nursing ophthalmic nursing, ophthalmic nurse, ophthalmology, eyes, visual impairment, ophthalmic nursing care, eye conditions, ocular health
Patient safety and human factors Safety culture, adverse events, avoidable errors, patient harm
Overview of public health Immunisation, Obesity, Occupational Health, Self care, Sexual Health, Smoking, Travel Health, Tuberculosis
Effective safeguarding
Safety in numbers maths, calculations, Numeracy, dosage, estimate, medications, prescribing, prescribe, tablets, pills,
Travel health nursing travel health, travel health nursing, public health, COVID-19, malaria, rabies, zika virus, yellow fever, measles, MMR, travel medicine
Overview of women's health Women's health, menopause, termination of pregnancy, HPV screening, maternity care, PCOS, endometriosis, fertility, menstrual well-being, pregnancy, pregnancy care, pregnancy and disability