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Time and space

Mindfulness based videos for nursing staff

These mindfulness based videos have been created for nursing staff. The six videos each cover a different stage of your day, from starting your day to arriving home. Each video provides practical techniques which you can put into practice.

Watch the videos:

Additional resources:

Are you a nurse in charge?

Watch the below team support and defusing video. This video, created for a nurse in charge or nurse manager, shows a nurse in charge role-playing the psychological preparation of their team for a routine nursing shift, as well as a supportive close down of a difficult shift.

The video comes with a supporting leaflet for nurse managers, outlining practical nursing shift management guidelines that support defusing principles. An exemplification of the use of this leaflet’s contents is modelled in the video.

Step 1: Starting your day

This first video will encourage you to see that the way in which you enter your waking experience can influence the day ahead. 

In this video we help bring attention to the moment from the minute you wake.

Step 2: The journey to work

The second video invites you to experience your journey as a transitional space through the senses. 

Connect with this time as a way of moving away and letting go of one area of your life and coming towards another. 

Step 3: Arriving at work

The third video helps you pay attention to the start of your working day, be present to your surroundings and colleagues and to perhaps place an intention for the working day ahead.

Step 4: Leaving work and letting go

This fourth video encourages you to think about how you wish to leave work, to help you notice how you prepare to leave. 

Be with your experience using your senses to help you connect with the present moment.

Step 5: The journey home

This penultimate video invites you to allow your journey home to give you distance, not only geographically, but also emotionally and intellectually. 

Be with your whole experience as it arises.

Step 6: Arriving home

The last video encourages you to reflect on what arriving home means to you. 

Use the three step breathing space to help you arrive in the moment ready to be with all that is familiar to you and observe what you notice about arriving home.

Paul Hanna and Paul McAleer discuss self-care

Paul Hanna (Head of Nursing at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board) talks to Paul McAleer (Lecturer, Queen's University Belfast) about how he put the techniques into practice to cope with the pressures of illness and work.

Page last updated - 10/03/2024