Building a better future for nursing: have your say

The Royal College of Nursing is determined to build a better future for the nursing profession after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We have run campaigns in recent years on staffing levels, accountability and pay. At every turn, our overriding aim is to make your place of work safe, ensure you receive meaningful reward and that the nursing profession receives the respect it deserves from governments and the public alike.

Our members know better than anybody that this pandemic will not come to a simple end. But once we have passed the most immediate and critical challenges, it will be appropriate to have an open discussion within our College and with the public about our long-held concerns and needs.

The RCN speaks most powerfully when our members’ experiences are at the heart of everything we do. We need to be able to speak with and for every one of us in this College.

In mid-May, every single one of our members will be asked to answer a detailed set of questions to understand their vision for the future. This is just the first exercise as we work together to further build a comprehensive picture of our experiences, needs and expectations. Members will begin receiving the survey via email from Friday 15 May. All members should have received the survey by Friday 22 May.

This page will continue to be updated on opportunities to contribute and how we are using this information to campaign together.

The survey is the next step in a series of activities in which we really need to hear from all of our members about what you need and what you want. Given the diversity of our community, this means at certain points there will be specific opportunities depending on your experiences.

female nurse in hospital corridor

Together, we can build a better future for nursing

Complete our survey and share with us your needs and expectations for the future of our profession.

Have your say