Fair Pay For Nursing

Use the social media downloads on this page to add your voice to the Fair Pay For Nursing campaign online, and tell politicians why nursing staff deserve to be valued.


Change the terms of the debate

There have been many statements circulating relating to fair pay that are inaccurate. Download our rebuttal visuals below and share on your social media channels.

Nursing pay rise

Graphic that says 'Nursing staff are worse off now than 10 years ago after years of unfair pay freezes and below inflation pay deals'

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NHS affordability

Graphic that says 'The NHS should not be asked to fund a pay rise from existing budgets. Government must give the health service the money to pay staff fairly.'

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Government affordability

Graphic that says 'In short the government cannot afford to: Tens of thousands of nursing jobs are unfilled and more are considering leaving - patient care will suffer. Ministers must make the right choice.'

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Nursing vacancies

Graphic that says 'There are tens of thousand of nursing vacancies. Fair Pay For Nursing will mean more nursing staff to care for patients.'

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Why nursing staff deserve fair pay