Substance misuse delivery plan 2019 to 2022

Status: CLOSED
Published: 16 Jul 2019 02:00
Source: Welsh Government

The purpose of the consultation is to consider how people who misuse substances cause considerable harm to themselves, their families and communities, which include:


  • Responding to associated mental health problems

  • Improving partnership working with housing and homelessness services

  • Ensuring that prisons have a coordinated service for those with substance misuse problems

  • Providing further support for families and carers of people who misuse substances

  • Improving access to services

  • Tackling dependence on prescription-only and over-the-counter medicines


Please find the consultation document and associated documents on the Welsh Government website.


Please send feedback and comments by 5pm on Thursday, 26 July 2019 via email to


Feedback can also be submitted via the 'Have your say' tab.

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