Physical Activity of Children and Young People in Wales

Status: CLOSED
Published: 07 Aug 2017 00:00
Source: National Assembly for Wales: Health, Social Care & Sport Committee

 The National Assembly for Wales has launched an inquiry into the physical activity of children and young people in Wales.

The  Health, Social Care and Sport Committee is calling for evidence:

  • What do we know about physical activity levels in children in Wales? How robust is the data on this issue?
  • Differences in gender-based attitudes towards, and opportunities for, participation in physical activity in Wales.
  • The extent to which Welsh Government policies are aimed at whole populations and/or particular groups, and what impact that approach has on addressing health inequalities.
  • Barriers to increasing the levels of physical activity among children in Wales, and examples of good practice in achieving increases in physical activity, and in engagement with hard to reach groups, within Wales, the UK and internationally.
  • Physical activity guidelines and how we benchmark physical fitness in children.
  • Measurement, evaluation and effectiveness of the Welsh Government’s programmes and schemes aimed at promoting physical activity of children.
  • Value for money of Welsh Government spending to promote exercise in children.
  • The role of schools, parents and peers in encouraging physical activity, and the role of Sport Wales, NHS Wales and Public Health Wales in improving levels of physical activity. 

RCN Wales feedback deadline is by 12pm on Friday 1st September 2017

Please complete the 'Have Your Say' form or please email feedback to 


The National Assembly for Wales launched an inquiry into the physical activity of children and young people in Wales.

 RCN Wales submitted a written response to the Health, Social Care and Sport Committees call for evidence.


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