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Our work

Find out more about the work of the RCN Bladder and Bowel Forum and the other organisations we work with

How we represent forum members

  • Working with other professional organisations to promote continence.
  • Providing a national conference.
  • Engaging with members through the discussion page and blogs.
  • Developing national guidance.
  • Working on the development of commissioning guidance.
  • Engaging with the development of educational standards for the field of continence.

Our strategy

  • Maintaining a presence on national forums
  • Maintaining an input into national guidance and frameworks
  • Developing educational tools and guidance
  • Providing an input into RCN Congress

What we are currently working on:

  • Revision of RCNi e-Continence Learning Resource. The resource was created to help facilitate a better understanding of continence, what conditions can affect continence and what can be done to assess and support individuals with continence issues. The project will involve a complete review of professional content, references and incorporate dynamic content to actively engage users. The Bladder and Bowel Forum intend to launch the project in October 2020. Please contact Ali Wileman for further information on this project.

Leading, collaborating, influencing

The RCN and its forums are invited to participate in many cross working and multidisciplinary workstreams. Below are a selection of some of the activities that members of the Bladder and Bowel Forum are involved in on your behalf.

  • All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Bladder and Bowel Continence Care. The group aims to "break the taboo by raising awareness of bladder and bowel continence care for adults and children and to promote cost effective funding for assessment, treatment and appropriate product provision".
  • Paediatric Continence Forum. A campaigning group of health professionals, patient representatives and commercial members that engages with the Government and policymakers nationally to raise awareness of childhood bladder and bowel problems and to improve NHS services in this area of child health.


The RCN is the voice of nursing, and is invited to contribute to many consultations. These are some of the recent consultations that the Bladder and Bowel Forum has been involved in.

Get involved

Find out more about how to get involved in developing NICE and SIGN guidance

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