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  • Fiona Hibberts Fiona Hibberts 2 Dec 2021

    Ending well

    A challenge to think about what we will learn from the year 2021, COVID and beyond. My last blog as Chair of the forum, a career reflection.

  • Claire Coughlan Claire Coughlan 15 Jul 2021

    Caring – an old word but a fantastic one.

    As we try to surface back to some sort of normality, I can’t help but think about what that normality is supposed to look like.

  • Fiona Hibberts Fiona Hibberts 6 May 2021

    International Nurses Day 2021

    As we approach International Nurse’s day, Wednesday 12 May, it makes me reflect on our incredible profession, our significant contribution and the impact we have on people’s lives day in day out…pandemic or not!

  • Cathy Regan Cathy Regan 28 Apr 2021

    Hives of Industry

    Over the last 13 months, healthcare teams have needed to respond to clinical need and rapidly - giving little time for consideration of what this might mean for team structure or working together again in the future. A year on, I reflect on what my hive was then and what it feels like now....

  • Julie Duncan Julie Duncan 25 Mar 2021

    Who will care for the carers?

    GI specialist nurses and services have been badly affected by the response to Covid-19. Mental health and well-being for HCPs has to be a priority in post-pandemic recovery plans.

  • Kathy Whayman Kathy Whayman 18 Feb 2021

    Finding Inspiration and support online

    In current times, we have to embrace technology in a way we have not seen before. For teaching and learning there are many exciting things happening where to keep up to date we must use platforms, apps and social media- one area in GI Nursing where this is happening is the development of virtual conferences and forums.

  • Rebekah Hill Rebekah Hill 5 Jan 2021

    Dry January

    I hope you had time to rest and relax over the festive period. Now its time to much alcohol did you drink?

  • Fiona Hibberts Fiona Hibberts 30 Nov 2020

    Quite a year Florence!

    A short reflection on 2020, but keeping Flo in the frame and her legacy for the year of the nurse and midwife.

  • Fiona Hibberts Fiona Hibberts 30 Oct 2020

    What's next?

    Reflective practice is good, yes! This is my first blog as Chair of our Forum, so a huge hello.

  • Rebekah Hill Rebekah Hill 1 Jul 2020

    From novice to expert and back again

    A senior nurse endoscopist, Irene Dunkley, reflects on her journey from the novice new recruit, to becoming an expert nurse endoscopist, to feeling a novice once again as she moves to becoming a lecturer in Higher Education.