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Our work

How we represent forum members

  • Providing an effective communication network for forum members.
  • Providing a strong, recognised voice for members working within gastrointestinal nursing.
  • Promoting professional educational opportunities that support standards of gastrointestinal patient care.
  • Promoting and supporting gastrointestinal nursing audit, research and publication.
  • Working closely with other gastrointestinal nursing groups.

Our strategy: listening, learning, leading


  • Communication - with our forum members
  • Networking - with other specialist groups, sharing practice and resources
  • Professional support and friendships - on social media and regional meetings


  • Supporting education to promote excellence in practice
  • Developing and sharing resources - like competencies and clinical guidance
  • Coaching and advice on careers in gastrointestinal nursing


  • Representing the forum - nationally raising the profile of gastrointestinal nursing and promoting excellence
  • Influencing - policy and practice. We are regularly asked to input on behalf of the RCN on consultations
  • Research - we will lead and support all aspects of clinical research within our speciality

What we are currently working on

  • GI research project. We conducted a survey to develop a baseline understanding of research activity amongst GI nurses. We are currently analysing the results.
  • We are planning to have an RCN webinar on Writing for Publication, as we work on our GI research strategy.
  • We will lead the GI Collaboration group and plan a webinar to network.
  • We will work on endoscopy competencies.
  • We will review our links with sub specialities, how we can support them and represent them in the wider RCN.

Recent activity

Leading, collaborating, influencing

The RCN and its forums are invited to participate in many cross working and multidisciplinary workstreams. Below are a selection of some of the activities that members of the Gastrointestinal Nursing Forum are involved in on your behalf.


The RCN is the voice of nursing, and is invited to contribute to many consultations. These are some of the recent consultations that the Gastrointestinal Nursing Forum has been involved in.

Get involved

Find out more about how to get involved in developing NICE and SIGN guidance

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