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  • Jason Warriner Jason Warriner 5 Nov 2019

    HIV: The changing epidemic

    World AIDS Day takes place on 1st December.  Across the UK we are working on the challenge to end new HIV infections by 2030. Nurses working in HIV and sexual health have a key role in achieving this target by promoting testing and supporting people living with HIV to access care and treatment.      

  • We are undefeatable Jan Sinclair Jan Sinclair 27 Sep 2019

    We are undefeatable

    We are undefeatable: Inspiring and supporting people with long-term health conditions to get active. 

  • Helen Donovan Helen Donovan 19 Sep 2019

    First Anniversary of the ‘Duty to Refer’

    How much do you know about the Homeless Reduction Act (HRA) and the duty to refer where a risk of homelessness has been identified? – It’s time to find out…

  • Nicole Davies Nicole Davies 10 Sep 2019

    RCN Physical activity and lifestyle toolkit

    Prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of over 30 medical conditions is helped by improving physical activity levels and doing structured exercises. With this new physical activity and lifestyle toolkit we now have a wonderful, informative resource to help us support our patients make necessary behaviour changes.  

  • Helen Donovan Helen Donovan 2 Sep 2019

    Linking work and health: the role of nurses

    Being in good work is better for health than being out of work. ‘Good work’ is defined as having a safe and secure job with good working hours and conditions, supportive management and opportunities for training and development. There is clear evidence that good work improves people’s health and well being and protects against social exclusion. 

  • world aids day Jason Warriner Jason Warriner 4 Apr 2019

    Thirty years and still counting

    Last year, 1 December marked the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day. The advances in the treatment and care of people living with HIV has changed significantly over the years alongside improved access to sexual health services but recent funding cuts and changes to services are having a negative impact on service provision.

  • Sandra Grieve Sandra Grieve 2 Apr 2019

    The importance of travel health

    Travel medicine is a fast-moving area of practice with services predominantly nurse-led and covering various areas of practice, from primary care to occupational health.

  • Anna Crossley Anna Crossley 25 Feb 2019

    Celebrating Nursing Practice

    Without nurses, midwives and health care assistants, would healthcare survive? Given the terrifying future projection of 410,000 nurse vacancies in the UK without urgent investment, we may be seen as simply ‘numbers’ like rows of identical paper chain doll workers.

  • Nurse with head in her hands Helen Donovan Helen Donovan 22 Jan 2019

    Work and mental health

    Poor mental health can affect any of us, regardless of age, race, occupation or religion.

  • people exercising Jan Sinclair Jan Sinclair 10 Jan 2019

    Let's get physical

    Many nurses would argue that they don’t have time or even energy to discuss physical activity with their patients.