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Our strategy and how we represent our forum members

Find out more about the Public Health Forum's plans and how forum members are represented

Our strategy

How we represent forum members

  • Support professional learning and development of the public health nursing community
  • Promote the public health nursing contribution
  • Support and promote good practice/dissemination of education and learning and development resources
  • Help to provide the public health nursing expertise and input into the RCN
  • Provide support to shape local, regional, national and international policy
  • Help to disseminate relevant public health nursing information and resources

Role of nursing in public health

Nursing staff work in almost every stage and setting of care, and as such they have an important role across a wide range of public health interventions. Find out more about the role of nursing in public health.

Professional resources for public health

Improving the public's health is at the heart of health and social care across the UK. Find out more about the knowledge and skills and clinical topic resources that are available for nursing staff working in public health.

Page last updated - 23/04/2020