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RCN Students Committee Election 2021

The Students Committee is one of the most influential groups at the RCN. Often the most passionate and engaged of all the 450,000+ members, students are amongst the most powerful advocates for change.

Elections are currently taking place to elect student members to the committee, with terms of office beginning 1 January 2022. The following members have been elected unopposed to the following seats: Victoria Udeh (Eastern), Lucy Jane Parker (East Midlands), Emily Morris (Northern), Erica Jones (Scotland), Alison Hesford (Wales) and Iwan Lynes-Edwards (Wales).

Voting will take place between 6 December and 22 December for the following seats: Northern Ireland, South West and Yorkshire and the Humber.

Students Committee election signpost 2021

As an RCN student member, you can get more involved by becoming a student ambassador, attending Congress or standing for election to represent your peers. 

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Become an RCN student ambassador

This is a role for a nursing student who is passionate, who wants to make a difference, who has energy and enthusiasm and who is willing to become active with the RCN to make positive changes. The RCN Student Ambassador role is open to RCN members who are in the student member category.

Signposting and supporting

  • Protect your health and wellbeing
  • Direct students to RCN resources and services
  • Help members develop networks to share experiences and encourage peer support
  • Act as a role model for members

Connecting and campaigning

  • Organise opportunities to be visible to members
  • Encourage members to get involved with RCN campaigns, events and Congress
  • Promote the professional services of the RCN Libraries
  • Develop connections with members to share their experiences and to work collectively

Questioning and influencing

  • Promote the RCN and recruit members and RCN student ambassadors
  • Share examples of good and poor practice and organisational culture
  • Encourage members to question and influence on student issues
  • Create a link between universities, the RCN and members to promote partnership working

Become an RCN student ambassador

Please note that while we aim to process and respond to applications within 3-4 weeks, this is not always possible during busy periods of the year.

Have a question? Contact us

If you are a student member and have any questions about getting more involved with the RCN we’d love to hear from you.