RCN Awards

RCN Award of Merit

Acknowledging outstanding voluntary service to the RCN

The Award of Merit is the highest honour the RCN bestows for service.

Who can nominate

You can nominate someone for the award if you are an RCN member. Country or regional boards, branches and forums can submit group nominations.

RCN staff and RCN Council members cannot submit nominations for this award.

You can only nominate or support one person each year.

Current members of RCN Council are not eligible to be nominated.

Support for your nomination

You will need three other people to support your nomination. They do not have to be RCN members but must not be RCN staff or RCN Council members.

Each supporting statement should show how the nominee has made an exceptional contribution to the RCN. The recommendations should come from a range of backgrounds to show the reach of the nominee's work.

We advise that you do not tell the nominee about the nomination, so they will not be disappointed if it is unsuccessful.

What to submit

The nominator and supporters should write testimonials about the nominee and submit these with the form, available above. These should show how the nominee has made an exceptional contribution to the RCN.

Download How to write a successful supporting statement for more information.

You also need to submit contact details and brief details of the nominee's history within the RCN. We understand that it is hard to find out details about another person - especially while keeping it a secret - so just put as much information as you can. We can, for example, find the person's RCN membership number for you.

When to submit

Nominations received by Wednesday 5 February 2020 will be put forward for consideration by the Awards Committee for presentation at Congress 2020 in Liverpool. 

The Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is made up of the President, Deputy President, Chair and Vice Chair of RCN Council, the Chief Executive & General Secretary, and the Convenor of RCN Fellows.