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Paws for Thought: The Benefits of Puppies in a Nursing Home

Connie Mitchell 6 Dec 2023

Connie Mitchell, Manager of Aughnacloy Nursing Home, tells us how Jack Russell pups Sidney and Stanley have brought joy to both residents and staff at the home.

Sidney and Stanley are two Jack Russell pups that have brought joy to the residents and staff of Aughnacloy Nursing Home. Sidney and Stanley were born on 28 August 2023, and their owner, Connie Mitchell, also the Nursing Home Manager, immediately fell in love with them. She wanted to get one pup to bring to Aughnacloy House to visit the residents, but when she met them both, she could not leave one alone, so she got both.

The organisation's pet policy supported the manager's belief that pets would make good connections with the residents. Connie brought Sidney and Stanley to the care home to visit the residents, and they have become quite popular. The residents love seeing the pups when they come to visit. They provide an excellent distraction if a resident is upset or distressed.

The puppies are still young, and the manager is working hard, training them to ensure they are safe with the residents. They are still teething, so they can be a bit nippy, so they are cautious when they are with the residents, who don't seem to mind.

Pets can provide a sense of purpose and companionship, which is especially important for residents in the nursing home. As the manager walks Sidney and Stanley out of the dayroom, one resident says, "That has made my day," while others say, "Oh, I want one." When the pups visit, everyone adores them, and it's easy to see why. Connie strongly connects with all her pets and believes the residents deserve to maintain those connections. Sidney and Stanley are just two of the many pets that visit the care home, and they bring joy and happiness to the residents' and staff’s lives.

Connie has also recorded a podcast with more information about the pups.


Sidney and Stanley


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