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  • Pat Cullen Pat Cullen 4 Jul 2020

    Play your part in making nursing history as we celebrate our past

    As we celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the NHS, it is an opportunity to reflect.

  • Dame Donna Kinnair Dame Donna Kinnair 2 Jul 2020

    Taking time to value nursing

    On the NHS’s 72 birthday, we must remember the care that happens across the health and care sector.

  • Nicky Hughes Nicky Hughes 2 Jul 2020

    COVID-19 and parents, children and young people

    This week has seen a big step in Wales as we move towards the “new normal”, with the re-opening of schools. Whilst many looked forward to the schools re-opening, to gain some normality, for others the sessional attendance adds another complexity to an already chaotic world.

  • Social distancing Lucy Muchina Lucy Muchina 2 Jul 2020

    Getting back to normal

    Christmas last year seemed no different from any other Christmas. I especially looked forward to the excitement of spending some quality time with family. Amid all the camaraderie however, a perturbing note ran through the celebrations.

  • Rebekah Hill Rebekah Hill 1 Jul 2020

    From novice to expert and back again

    A senior nurse endoscopist, Irene Dunkley, reflects on her journey from the novice new recruit, to becoming an expert nurse endoscopist, to feeling a novice once again as she moves to becoming a lecturer in Higher Education.

  • Julie Green Julie Green 30 Jun 2020

    District and community nursing – 'still doing what we do' throughout the pandemic

    The impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues to be significant on the delivery of nursing care in the community. District and community nursing teams reflect on how they are continuing to manage the challenges.

  • Francis Miller Francis Miller 29 Jun 2020

    An introduction from your RCN UK Student Committee member for the RCN Eastern Region

    My name is Francis Miller and, for those who don’t already know me, I am the RCN UK Student Committee member for the Eastern region. As our student members continue to work so hard through the current pandemic situation, I thought I would take the opportunity to tell you a bit more about myself and my background. But I’d also like to urge any students who would like to get in touch with me about any issues they’d like to discuss to please do so.

  • Lovemore Mahachi, RCN Northern Board member Lovemore Mahachi Lovemore Mahachi 29 Jun 2020

    Speaking up for others

    As well as being on the RCN Northern Region Board I’m an RCN steward. I really enjoy it. 

  • Michael Oyeleye Michael Oyeleye 29 Jun 2020

    Using my voice to make a positive contribution for nursing staff in the RCN Eastern Region

    A few years ago, I decided to be part of a worthy nursing family and I chose the RCN. As part of this family, I felt that my voice must be heard contributing positively and so I became involved in the governance of RCN activity in the region.

  • Sandra Blades Sandra Blades 28 Jun 2020

    The Covid-19 crisis - a catalyst for change in UK care homes

    During the Covid-19 crisis, care home staff have been at the forefront of the pandemic not only delivering care to their residents on a day to day basis but also supporting residents and their families at end of life.Those residents are the most vulnerable in our society, often with complex needs and progressive illnesses including dementia. The pandemic has brought the issues and support for this sector from primary and secondary care into sharp focus.