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  • Dominic Rose Dominic Rose 3 Sep 2020

    Air ambulance industry perspective: complex medicine and logistics in a rapidly changing environment

    The pandemic has led to a paradigm shift in the co-ordination and delivery of aero medical evacuations and transfers, affecting all clinical staff involved in the service, whether that is as a clinician in an air ambulance company, an assistance company, a medical escort or a discharging or receiving team.

  • Rachel Benbow Rachel Benbow 3 Sep 2020

    Adapting to the unknown

    COVID-19 has changed our lives and changed our industry, moving sick and injured patients requires a coordination of a large number of agencies and providers to succinctly work together for a mutual aim.

  • Fair Pay for Nursing Nicky Hughes Nicky Hughes 1 Sep 2020

    Let’s talk about pay

    Nicky Hughes, Associate Director of Nursing (Employment Relations) talks about the recently-launched RCN Fair Pay for Nursing campaign.

  • Ged Swinton Ged Swinton 31 Aug 2020

    Fair pay for nursing - get involved

    South East Board Chair Ged Swinton explains why he is committed to the #FairPayForNursing campaign.

  • Dame Donna Kinnair Dame Donna Kinnair 27 Aug 2020

    Join us and campaign for Fair Pay For Nursing

    Donna Kinnair encourages members to join our UK-wide campaign.

  • Image of a payslip Lucy Muchina Lucy Muchina 26 Aug 2020

    Pay sessions for members

    Reflecting on the year so far, I am so grateful for our members who have managed the pandemic with professionalism and great integrity. Highly skilled nursing professionals have, over the year, worked hard to protect our most vulnerable in the society. 

  • Paul Jebb Paul Jebb 25 Aug 2020

    We are all part of a global profession

    Exploring the global impact of nursing and the voice of nursing being heard at all levels across the world.

  • Craig Davidson Craig Davidson 25 Aug 2020

    Can novice nurses be leaders?

    Having held various official student leadership roles, Craig questions if this leadership journey can continue as a novice nurse?

  • Image of a payslip Norman Provan Norman Provan 23 Aug 2020

    A pay rise for nursing staff is not just about the COVID-19 pandemic

    Nursing staff are feeling let down and ignored on pay. It's time to award them a meaningful pay rise.

  • Nicky Hughes Nicky Hughes 23 Aug 2020

    The Importance of the Nursing Voice

    Nicky Hughes, Associate Director of Nursing (Employment Relations) shares some of her thoughts about how you can get your voice heard.