Jersey nurses accept pay offer

2017 offer accepted, but 2018 still far from certain.

2 May 2018

Members of the Royal College of Nursing on Jersey have voted to accept the 2.5% pay offer for 2017, however the arrangements for 2018 remain far from satisfactory.

Kenny McNeil, RCN Jersey Branch Chair said: “It is a relief to put 2017 to bed – members deserved this pay uplift a long time ago. However, it is still a waiting game to see how the other unions choose to vote – it is not a done deal yet. Our more pressing issue is to sort out the mess that is the inequality in pay for 2018 and moving forward.”

“Since the talks around Workforce Modernisation have broken down, nurses have been dismayed to hear that some allied healthcare professionals have been given a significant pay rise. These means that for jobs of equal or similar skill level, nurses are receiving significantly less money. It’s not fair and our members are rightly angry. For years we have been battling for equal pay and we are no further forward. We will be discussing this with the employer during May before meeting with our members at the end of the month to discuss next steps.”

Page last updated - 15/06/2018