Royal College of Nursing reverses sick pay decision

10 Oct 2018

The Royal College of Nursing has welcomed the U-turn by Medway NHS FT to scrap changes to staff sick pay after their proposals were called out as “naïve and not thought through.”

The Trust previously told the trade unions that the national terms and conditions around sick pay would be scrapped and harsh new conditions would be imposed.
Following uproar from the unions, the proposal has now been taken off the table.
Daniel Heppell, RCN Officer for Kent says: “The decision to scrap the plans is very welcome. At a time when the Trust needs to urgently recruit new nursing staff, changing the national terms and conditions to something significantly worse than that of neighbouring employers would have been naïve and simply not thought through.
“The proposal was not acceptable, so to be able to have a constructive conversation that has led to the plans being taken off the table, is very welcome.”

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