South East Independent Newsletter - Top Tips for TOIL

4 May 2018

RCN Senior Officer Julie Lewers gives her 'top tips on TOIL'.

  • Make sure you know and understand your TOIL policy. You should be able to find this in your contract or your staff handbook.
  • If you don’t have a scheme at work or you’re not happy with the scheme currently in place, try to keep a written record of any requests for you to work long hours, and also of any of your own requests for support and the responses to this. Talk to the RCN as there may be an opportunity to negotiate with your employer.
  • If any changes to your TOIL are suggested check your terms and conditions.
  • When you move jobs, look at your new contract carefully for the TOIL policy, so you are clear about what you are signing up to.
  • If staff at your organisation are working excessive hours regularly, it can be a sign that there are organisational issues that need addressing such as workload and staffing. Again, you can contact the RCN to see if there is any support we can give to tackle these issues with your employer. 
  • Ensure that you take regular breaks if you are required to work extra hours. You can find information on how to take care of your health and wellbeing in the workplace by reading the RCN Healthy workplace, healthy you guidelines. 
  • Keep a record of TOIL hours and try to take these back as soon as possible after you have worked the hours. TOIL policies should indicate the period of time within which you take the time back. 

Page last updated - 15/06/2018