Board Chair writes to all members

1 Apr 2020

Chair of the Regional Board, Paul Watson, has written a message of support to all RCN members managing their work and home lives through the COVID-19 crisis.

Dear fellow RCN members and colleagues,

I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to you personally in this time of unprecedented demand on our local health and social care services right across our system.

Like many of you, I am feeling this impact as a fellow shop floor nurse – COVID-19 is certainly stretching our resources, both in physical and emotional terms – in particular PPE, and capacity in acute settings. The emotional strain this takes upon us all is considerable, especially as health care workers and their families are also becoming infected.

All in all we face the greatest public health emergency this country has ever faced and we now need to come together to support one another, and show the nation the true value of our worth.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to reinforce that the RCN stands shoulder to shoulder with you and is lobbying at national level to ensure you have the right tools of our trade to practise safely and efficiently.

I am in touch with the regional office at least weekly and often more, and I know they are pulling out all stops to support you as members and to ensure you receive timely communications – remember of course you can get 24-hour help via RCN Direct if you need it.

Finally, I wanted to offer each and every one of you my personal thanks for the hard work and tremendous effort you all give – whether you are nursing ventilated patients, delivering care in the community or working in primary care , the difference we make now to our patients and families will never be more appreciated.

Stay safe, stay strong and look after yourselves and each other.


Paul Watson, Chair of the Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Board.

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