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RCN Wales premieres film about its safe staffing campaign success

21 Sep 2018

RCN Wales took centre stage this week with the launch of ‘An Act of Compassion’, a film – published with a companion book– detailing the organisation’s success in lobbying for legislation to improve patient care.

The Nurse Staffing Levels Act (Wales) 2016 was one of the first pieces of legislation enacted by the Welsh Government and it is the first of its kind in Europe. The historic law followed a dedicated campaign by RCN Wales, prompted by members’ concerns that short-staffing was compromising their ability to care for patients safely.

The Royal College of Nursing’s membership are nurses and healthcare support workers on the frontline so the issues that concern nursing staff are at the heart of its agenda. Between 2014 and 2016 Welsh nurses, the public, the RCN and the politicians of the National Assembly for Wales would come together to create something new for Wales, and revolutionary for Europe. 

RCN Wales has a long and proud history of standing up for patients by supporting nurses and its historic role in developing this Act is a milestone in the nursing profession’s ambition to improve patient safety. 

The book and film, by Bafta Wales and New York Awards-winning producer and director Greg Lewis testify to the legacy that RCN Wales has given to health care in Wales.

Gaynor Jones, Chair of RCN Wales Board is extremely proud of this achievement, with safer patient care being realised by Welsh nurses.

RCN Wales now hopes to inspire other countries in the UK to take their own Safe Staffing campaigns forward and ensure this kind of legislation protects patients wherever they live in the UK.

The film premiere also marked the beginning of RCN Wales’ campaign to extend this legislation to all patient care settings. 

RCN Wales believes there should be safe patient care in the hospital, the care home and the community. As a first step the RCN will be campaigning hard to ensure that patients in mental health wards and children receive the benefit of this legal protection, too.

An Act of Compassion was launched with nursing activists at a special premiere event at the Senedd Buildings, Cardiff on 19 September 2018.

The full film is available to view below. 

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