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CQC pay consultation now open

28 Jul 2023

Eligible members working for the Care Quality Commission (CQC) can now vote in our consultative ballot on the CQC’s improved pay award for 2022-23. 

Fair Pay For Nursing

The online ballot will be open from midday on 28 July to midday on 11 August 2023 and will ask members if the CQC’s improved pay offer for 2022-23 is acceptable or unacceptable. This consists of a £1,500 non-consolidated pay award for full-time employees, which will be paid pro rata for part-time staff.

You can find more information about the improved pay award on our website to help you decide how to vote. You’ll need to log in to the RCN website with your membership details and password to cast your vote.

The improved offer comes after a continuous period of industrial action short of strike, which means RCN members working at the CQC have been working strictly to the terms of their contract, often referred to as “working to rule” since 17 April 2023. This action will continue until the consultation closes.

The consultative ballot is about the improved pay award and not about industrial action. However, if the majority of voting members think the pay award is acceptable, the RCN’s trade dispute with CQC regarding 2022-23 pay will end.

Your vote will only be counted if your MyRCN record shows you are employed by the CQC, so make sure your information is up to date.

Don’t miss out - vote before midday 11 August 2023.  

Page last updated - 26/12/2023