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Israel and Gaza conflict: RCN calls for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire

15 Nov 2023

We’re standing with other global health organisations to condemn every attack on health care workers, their patients and all civilians.

Palestinian ambulance photographed in Bethlehem in 2019 As MPs get set to vote on calls for a ceasefire in the ongoing Israel and Gaza conflict, the RCN is calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire to protect civilian lives and to allow the delivery of vital humanitarian assistance. 

We stand with other global health organisations to condemn every attack on health care workers and their patients and call for all parties in the conflict to abide by their legal obligations under international humanitarian law. 

This means that they must protect access to health care, which is a human right, and ensure the safety of civilians and health care workers. We’re clear that attacks on medical facilities are a violation of international and humanitarian law.  

We’re also calling for the immediate resumption of water, electricity, food and medical supplies into Gaza, as withholding such resources in health facilities continues to have a catastrophic impact on the delivery of care. Finally, there must be an immediate and unconditional release of hostages, and the health needs of all hostages must be respected. 

We know many RCN members will be concerned for family and friends in the area, and many more will find news coming out of the Middle East distressing. The RCN is here to help 365 days a year with advice and support for all members.

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