Children’s hospice closure plan ‘sad’

11 Jun 2019

Plans by charity Acorns to close its children’s hospice in Walsall due to a shortfall in funding have been described as ‘sad’ by the RCN.

Acorns children's hospice, Walsall

Acorns has begun a consultation on a proposal to cease delivering services at the hospice, placing the jobs of all staff at risk of redundancy.

The charity intends to continue offering services at its children’s hospices in Birmingham and Worcester, but says it can no longer afford to run three hospice centres.

The consultation is due to close on 3 July.

Mike Adams, Regional Director of the RCN in the West Midlands, said: “It’s very sad that Acorns is in a situation in which it has to propose closing its hospice in Walsall.

'Highly regarded'

“The quality of the palliative care and support provided for children and families in Walsall by a very skilled and dedicated team of staff and volunteers is highly regarded.

“The care delivered at the hospice is described by the Care Quality Commission as outstanding, with ‘many examples of compassionate care, thoughtfulness and respect’, so the prospect of the centre closing will be upsetting and unsettling for many people.

“It’s clear that the current uncertainty around whether Acorns will receive NHS funding through the Children’s Hospice Grant after March 2020 is a major concern for the organisation, and it’s a pity that NHS England and the Government, in reviewing future financial support for children’s hospices, have not been able to offer any guarantee of future funding.

“We hope a solution can be found during the consultation process that secures the future of the Walsall hospice, and we will, of course, be supporting our members at the hospice whose jobs are at risk as a result of the proposal.”

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