Accredited events and resources



> ARENA 2020 webinar series – an educational promotional meeting series for dermatology, gastroenterology and rheumatology nurses

Accelerate CIC

> Advanced Practice in Lower Limb Ulceration > Developing Skills in Leg Ulcer Management

Anaphylaxis Campaign

> AllergyWise for Healthcare Professionals

Anglia Ruskin University

> MSc/PG Dip Advanced Nursing Practice


> Facts about Fluenz Tetra e-learning module

Attends UK Ltd

> Continence care training for professionals e-learning


Bayer Ophthalmology Masterclass Programme

> An introduction to the anatomy of retinal conditions – video eLearning module > Lessons learnt in medical retina during the pandemic - webinar

BBO Training

> Theory and Practice of Asthma and COPD Management in Primary Care

Best Practice NI

> Search in a Therapeutic Environment


> The Larval Academy. Course in Larval Debridement Therapy


> Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Education Programme (FINE) 1: Foundation Toolkit

Blood Cancer UK

> Introduction to haemato-oncology nursing e-Learning

British Society of Rheumatology

> Rheumatology for Specialist Nurses

University of Bradford

> PG Dip/MSc Advanced Practice


Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme

> Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme

Cervical Screening Training Community Directorate Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals

> Certificate in cervical screening for health care professionals

Changing Faces

> Skin camouflage

City University London

> MSc Advanced Practice in Health and Social Care (Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Adult, Child and Neonate)


> me+™ recovery

University of Cumbria

MSc Advanced Practice (Clinical)


Diabetes UK

> Diabetes in healthcare eLearning

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Ltd

> Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Management Workshop

The Dementia Services Development Centre - University of Stirling

> Best Practice in Dementia Care Learning Programme

University of Derby Online Learning

> BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies (Top up)


The University of Edinburgh

> MSc in Primary Care Opthalmology



> Principles, Practice and Teaching of ISC


Health Action Training

>Graduate Certificate in Health Action Training (virtual) course

Hull University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust

> East Yorkshire School of Endoscopy Hands on Endoscopy Nurse Training Day

The Health and Safety Group Ltd

> Vaccination and Immunisation Foundation Course > Vaccination and Immunisation Foundation Course (Blended Learning) > Vaccination and Immunisation Refresher Course

University of Hertfordshire

> MSc Contemporary Nursing (Advanced Practice)

University of Huddersfield

> MSc Advanced Clinical Practice (ACP)


Infection Prevention Solutions

> Getting to grips with the basics of infection prevention and control > Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Management in the Patient’s Own Home > Link Practitioner Course - Clinics, Treatment Centres and Day Surgery Facilities) > Link Practitioner Course - Primary Medical Services > Link Practitioner Course - Social Care


Janssen-Cilag Ltd

> An Introduction into Psychopharmacology medication and assessment tools used in schizophrenia > Depression Awareness > Mental Health Awareness Training: Spotlight on schizophrenia > Psychopharmacology of Antidepressants


Larval Academy

> The Larval Academy (Course in Larval Debridement Therapy)

Leukaemia CARE

> Leukaemia Care Nurse Academy E-learning

Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

> Training program to enable registered nurses to deliver intravenous cyclophosphamide & rituximab for patients with anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic associated vasculitis (AAV)

London South Bank University

> PG Dip/MSc Advanced Nurse Practitioner, PG/Dip/MSc Children's Advanced Nurse Practitioner, PG Dip/MSc Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, PG Dip/MSc Advanced Nurse Practitioner (Mental Health)


MA Training Enterprise Ltd

> Adult and Paediatric Minor Illness and injury Diploma

MKM Healthcare Consultancy

> Cervical Cytology Sample Takers Foundation Training

MS in the 21st Century

> Two monologues do not make a dialogue: identifying and addressing barriers to communication between people with MS and healthcare professionals

MS Nurse PROfessional

> MS Nurse PROfessional: An online training curriculum to support the evolving role of European MS Nurses

The Medication Training Company

> Support the Use of Medication in Social Care Settings


National Minor Illness Centre

> NMIC minor illness diploma

Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

> Certificate in Cervical Screening for Health Care Professionals

NHS cervical screening programme

> Cervical Sample Taker Initial Training

NHS Improvement ACT Academy

Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign (QSIR) > College Programme > Practitioner Programme

Norgine Pharmaceuticals Ltd

> SLIDE – Specialist Liver Insights: Disease Education Masterclass

North West London Diabetes Transformation Programme

> Diabetes 10 Point Training Programme for Inpatients


Oncology Nursing in Practice

> Diagnosis and management of Thyroid Cancer > Introduction to Thyroid Cancer > Optimising care for people with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia > Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors

Ontex Healthcare

> iD Expert e Learning tool

Oxfordshire Training Hub

> The Theory and Practice of Minor Illness management in Primary Care


Practitioner Development UK Ltd

> 5 day patient assessment workshop, Minor ailments essentials, Minor injury essentials, Paediatric minor illness

Primary Care Respiratory Academy

> Interstitial lung disease: Identification and patient referral; Diagnosis and testing; Treatment options and considerations; End of life care

Professional Development International

> Foundation Cervical Sample Taker's Course

Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Alliance

> Psoriasis in practice eLearning course

University of Plymouth

> MSc Advanced Professional Practice (Clinical Practitioner)

Rotherham Respiratory

> COPD Foundation Course (Online)

Royal Osteoporosis Society

> Fracture Prevention Practitioner Training

Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust

> SCReaM Human Factors and Team Resource Management

The Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability

> Management of patients who have highly complex neurological disorders


SecuriCare Medical Ltd

> Stoma Care Clinical Nursing Standards

SedateUK Ltd

> Safe Sedation Course

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

> The Shared Haemodialysis Care 4 day course

Society for Endocrinology

> Endocrine Nurse Update

Sunrise Senior Living

> Clinical Development and Leadership Programme


Target Ovarian Cancer

> Bloating & Other Abdominal Symptoms: Could it be Ovarian Cancer?


University College London

> Deaf Awareness: Online training for Nurses


Vifor Pharma UK Limited

> ION Academy: Iron and its role in the heart > ION Academy: Iron deficiency in heart failure


Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences

> Bacterial Genomes: Disease Outbreaks and Antimicrobial Resistance


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"Accreditation provides increased credibility with the nursing community"

Kirsty Lyons, National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI)