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RCN publications cover a wide range of topics varying from clinical guidance to employment relations issues to advice on bullying. To reproduce RCN publications please complete the copyright request form and we’ll be in touch.

  • 1 Mar 2024

    Staffing for Safe and Effective Care. A Health and Safety Representative’s Resource

    Publication Code : 011 415

    This updated resource is to assist and support health and safety representatives in recognising health and safety problems linked to unsafe staffing levels, from poor moving and handling practice to missed breaks and long working hours. It recognises the role that learning representatives and stewards can take and how we can work together as a team. It also recognises the supporting role of RCN staff when our health and safety representatives are faced with challenging issues or organisations that don’t act on their findings.

  • 28 Feb 2024

    Conscientious Objection - Termination of Pregnancy/Abortion Care

    Publication Code : 011 358

    This updated publication details the RCN position on conscientious objection and provides guidance on the issue for nurses, midwives and nursing associates. It also provides signposts to sources of further information.

  • 22 Feb 2024

    RCN Submission to the Pay Review Body 2024-25

    Publication Code : 011 448

    This year’s RCN submission to the Pay Review Body sets out the case for a substantial and above inflation pay rise to address the worsening nursing workforce crisis and the long-term reduction in the value of nursing pay. We urge the PRB to demonstrate its independence and recommend a substantial pay increase to help the recruitment and retention of nursing staff.

  • 7 Feb 2024

    RCN Health and Safety Representative's Handbook

    Publication Code : 011 319

    This handbook is designed to help RCN health and safety representatives carry out their work, whether they are new to the role or not. It suggests ways of getting started and provides them with the latest information about key RCN services and resources, together with the key health and safety legislation they need to support members at work.

  • 22 Jan 2024

    Framework for Professional Practice for Nurses Working in Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Adult and Paediatric Care Settings

    Publication Code : 011 811

    The ever-changing landscape of health care will remain a challenge for health care professionals including Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) clinical nurse specialists. This framework for professional practice will provide much needed guidance and support for nurses to develop themselves and their teams for the ongoing benefit of their patients. It also acknowledges the many and varied roles within the field of IBD nursing and the need for training and development, as well as ongoing support from managers to enable growth within IBD nursing teams.

  • 8 Jan 2024

    Termination of Pregnancy and Abortion Care

    Publication Code : 011 285

    This updated guidance incorporates expert and evidence-based practice. It has been produced to support registered nurses and midwives working within the NHS and independent sectors, across the UK. It considers the legislative frameworks in place across the UK, alongside clinical guidance for those working in termination of pregnancy services.

  • 4 Jan 2024

    Advanced Nursing Practice for Gynaecology and Women’s Health

    Publication Code : 011 260

    Gynaecology and women’s health care has many sub-specialties, including hysteroscopy, general gynaecology, early pregnancy, emergency gynaecology, colposcopy, urogynaecology, menopause, endometriosis and gynaecology oncology. This publication has set out pathways for advanced nursing practice and advanced clinical practice roles, which will enhance clinical care, the patient experience and enable progression career development for nurses.

  • 3 Jan 2024

    Male factor fertility

    Publication Code : 011 233

    Male factor fertility is important, and all nurses and midwives should have a good understanding of the influences and the factors that can impact fertility, especially as they may often be the first point of contact for patients when they have questions. This guidance has been developed to enhance understanding of the anatomy, physiology, diagnosis, and possible treatments available to support best practice, as well as an overview of the emotional issues associated with male factor fertility.

  • 22 Dec 2023

    Council’s report to members on Congress 2023

    Publication Code : 011 273

    In our new report, we share how far we've progressed against the items we debated and passed at Congress 2023.

  • 19 Dec 2023

    RCN New Definition of Nursing: Background research and rationale

    Publication Code : 011 253

    This summary explanation aims to provide the background to developing the revised RCN definition of nursing in support of the professional framework. It explains the reasons for the choice of language terms and the emphasis placed on the definition.